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Ground-taking ceremony of 42 km asphalt road project Tiébissou-Didiévi - In the presence of the Prime Minister of C?te d'Ivoire

Source: Date:2016-10-21

At 3 PM of this Friday, 12th June, 2015, the ground-taking ceremony of 42 km asphalt road project Tiébissou-Didiévi, that the people of Bélier region has expected for a long time, took place in the City Center of Tiébissou which was the starting point of the project. Many people attended the ceremony, including the Prime Minisiter Daniel Kablan Duncan, the Minister of State attached to the President of the Republic, the Minister of Economic infrastructures, the Minister of National Defense, the Minister of Environment, the Governors and Mayors of regions, traditional chiefs, the Director of Cabinet of the West African Development Bank(BOAD), the director of Works of the roads management Agency(AGEROUTE), the representative of the company CGC Mr GUO Yijun, etc.

The Minister of the Economic infrastructures Mister Patrick ACHI has introduced basic situation of this project. The land road between the departments of Tiébissou and Didiévi has been seriously damaged. Due to its bad state, it takes two hours for motorists to drive through the road during the dry seasons and more time during the rainy seasons. After the construction, the time will be reduced to 30 minutes. Its will improve the traffic situation, promote exchanges and facilitate the marketing of the food production, thus revitalizing the economic development of this region.

The Ivorian government attaches great importance to the project. The authorities have done a lot to reduce the approval time of the project so that the works could start as soon as possible after the tender. During this ceremony, the Minister Patrick ACHI announced that the deadline was 16 months, from the very date of the ceremony. He asked Contractor CGC-CI to make full use of the time to do the works to make sure that the road would be available for traffic at the end of the year 2016.

Prime Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan greeted the CGC-CI representatives in Chinese language “NIHAO”. Mr Duncan visited for many times the Bonoua water supply project - phase I. In March 2015, he also attended the completion ceremony of the project with the President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, his Excellency Alassane Ouattara, who awarded the representatives of CGC the medal of honor. The Prime Minister has appreciated the achievement of CGC and has encouraged them to finish the road project with precision within the time limit. He demanded that the deputy project owner AGEROUTE should undertake the responsibility of regular check of the works and that the contractor should recruit more local people during the execution of the project, which was a good news for the local youths.

The road Tiébissou-Didiévi is located in the center of Bélier region and extends 42 kilometers long. The project will last for 16 months and offer two way traffic. The achievement of this road project will create 300 job positions and many indirect jobs for the youth of the region. 900 thousand inhabitants will benefit from this tarred road of Tiébissou-Didiévi after it comes into use.